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2015 Yosemite Facelift: Finding Beauty Behind the Trash

Yosemite Facelift is about showing our commitment to this important place and the experiences we have as a result of this place. People of all abilities and backgrounds are connected to this landscape. They travel from all over the world to have intimate experiences with the park. They learn and grow, not only as climbers, but as people, and somewhere along the way the granite walls and towering trees start to feel like home. What an incredible opportunity it is to be a part of a community willing to dedicate their time to preserving that experience for others. To read more about this year’s event head over to Rock and Ice Magazine to check out my article: Finding Beauty Behind the Trash

Random Act of Kindness & a Bowl of Corn Chowder

The rain had finally stopped and the sun was showing its face for the first time all day. Adam and I packed up our computers and walked to our van in the parking lot of the Jackson Whole Grocer, where we had been using Wi-Fi all day. As we hopped in the van and were about to turn the key in the ignition, there was a knock on the window. A young girl, probably about the same age as Adam and I, wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and a trucker hat stood outside. Adam opened the driver’s side door. “Hey, are you guys living in your van?” the girl questioned. The reality of van life is that you always have to be cautious about what you tell strangers, especially when you spend a fair number of nights parked and sleeping in random parking lots around town. Did she work at the Whole Grocer? Did she think we were going to sleep here tonight? Was she going to yell at us? As these thoughts ran through our …

For the Love of Climbing

I don’t know many people that would willingly lend a complete stranger a few hundred dollars. You can’t trust anyone these days – or at least that’s what my grandma tells me. But she’s right. We live in a world where people can’t fall asleep unless they know their front door is locked; a world where locking your car doesn’t always keep people from stealing your iPod or wallet. This past summer I went for a long solo run on mountain trails through Grand Teton National Park. When friends and family heard that I went by myself, most responded with, “wow, be careful out there” or “really, you’re not scared?”. And they weren’t referring to the bears or potential storm clouds – they were referring to the people. Maybe it’s for good reason, but the climbing community has reminded me that although there may be a great deal to fear in today’s world, there is also an amazing amount of generosity and kindness. When Adam and I stopped at Zion National Park in May of …