What in life is worth pursuing?

We all probably ask ourselves this at one point or another. If you ask your parents or a good friend they will probably tell you to do what you love. Well, what if you love living out of your car. What if you thrive off the freedom of long empty roads leading nowhere? What if you feel most alive when you’re belittled by impending granite walls, somewhere near the cusp of living and surviving. How do you explain that to others? How do you elucidate the feeling you get waking up to the cold breath of the mountains blowing softly against your face? I don’t know that you can, but I think it’s worth trying.


DSC03641 copy

Photo by Adam Freund


For roughly four years my partner Adam and I lived out of a converted van pursuing our love of rock climbing. We chased good weather and great climbing from the sandy desert of JTree to the towering peaks of the Tetons and everything in between. These days you can find us stationed near the beautiful granite walls of Yosemite.

Check back often for stories of climbing, trip reports, delicious recipes, and more!

– Gina 

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  1. I just ventured across your blog and had to say that it is absolutely spectacular!! I loved reading some of your thoughts and adventures and will hopefully get a chance to use some of your travel advice for future climbing trips. Great work — and please keep it up!


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