Month: October 2015

Eating Crickets and Climbing Bug — I mean, Big Walls

As the population of our world increases and the amount of space decreases, there seems to be a growing concern regarding sustainability. Movies, such as Food, Inc., and books, including Michael Pollen’s An Omnivore’s Dilemma, have increased awareness about the unsustainable practices of modern farming. Many people choose to lessen their impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. While some subsist on a vegetarian or vegan diet, others buy locally raised meats. And then there’s Meghan… Meghan Curry is a 29 year-old entomologist from Texas who eats bugs. That’s right – from Mealworm Pizza to Spinach Salad with Ant Larvae, this women isn’t afraid of a few extra legs. However, Meghan hasn’t always been a proponent of eating insects. After an academic debate about global nutrition and food sustainability turned her on to the idea, she has refocused her career from studying insects to promoting and educating the West about edible insects as a serious food source (also known as entomophagy). These new goals resulted in the birth of her LLC and website Bug Vivant. …

2015 Yosemite Facelift: Finding Beauty Behind the Trash

Yosemite Facelift is about showing our commitment to this important place and the experiences we have as a result of this place. People of all abilities and backgrounds are connected to this landscape. They travel from all over the world to have intimate experiences with the park. They learn and grow, not only as climbers, but as people, and somewhere along the way the granite walls and towering trees start to feel like home. What an incredible opportunity it is to be a part of a community willing to dedicate their time to preserving that experience for others. To read more about this year’s event head over to Rock and Ice Magazine to check out my article: Finding Beauty Behind the Trash