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Welcome to Bomber Cams, Sinker Jams – a site dedicated not only to climbing, but to life on the road!

Adam and I live full time in a GMC Safari we converted into home. We prefer mountain ranges to city skylines, freedom to security, and adventure to routine. We find happiness in simplicity. But most of all, we love to climb – especially splitter cracks!

Before we committed to living full time as climbing “dirtbags”, I scoured the internet trying to find inspiration and resources to aid in the transition. While I was able to piece together bits from here and there, I never found that go-to source of information I was looking for. After spending about two years on the road, we have learned a great deal about what works and an even greater deal about what doesn’t work. I’m hoping this site can serve as a resource and a source of inspiration for other dirtbags, perspective van dwellers, or anyone who wants to better understand why we decided to live our lives the way we do. Check back soon for stories from the road, delicious recipes, reviews on our favorite climbing gear, and more!

– Gina

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